Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wreck This Journal Re-Discovery

I think I can remember buying my wreck this journal a year ago, but since then I had only completed five pages and those were all done within the first week. This is probably the best representation of how short my attention span is and how easily distracted I am. But a few days ago I rearranged my room and found mine stashed away and at around this time I also watched bunny's video where she went through her journal pages and it got me really excited about it again. So over the past few nights I have really got back into it and I wanted to share a few pages that I'm happy with!

I also tried to do a New York skyline at different times of the day around the edges, although it's hard to make out now as I've completed more pages!

I would say the wreck this journal is a really good distraction, so if you're feeling a bit stressed or have a lot on your thoughts I'd recommend getting one of these because it's great at taking your mind off things.