Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Modern Minimalist

Now before you say anything, I know I'm very late with this collection, I believe it launched February 2nd, but with quite a whopper of a price tag I'm sure you can understand why it took me so long to bite the bullet. (Also my shade was sold out everywhere online and in store for a week?!) But in my heart I knew I would just have to get it, when my favourite shop and a well loved makeup brand collaborate together to create this beauty, how can I let it slip? ...Especially if it's limited edition.

The box contains:
A full-size Velvet Matte Skin Tint Foundation, which is Nars' new base, and I'm in love. The name is slightly deceiving as 'skin tint' makes you think this product is going to be sheer, which is not the case, it's definitely more of a medium to full coverage. But it's finish is beautiful, and it has a slight blur to it which makes your skin look just that bit better. Also the packaging appeals to the stingy person inside me; it's not glass, meaning I can cut it open when it's nearly finished to get all the product out (yes to getting the most out of your money).
A mini of the Audacious Mascara in Black Moon, which isn't my favourite mascara because it does clump pretty easily on my lashes, but I can see other people liking it. I'm just more into mascaras that fan out and add length rather than ones that add volume.
A mini of the Lip Gloss in Priscilla, which is absolutely stunning. Seriously. The formula is beautiful, it isn't sticky and sits comfortably on the lips. I know, it looks scary in the tube; but they've really hit the nail on the head with the pigmentation. It's strong enough for the bright pink to show, but isn't so bold that it sits as a vibrant block colour. It's making me want to try more of the Nars lip glosses, which is not so good for my bank account.
A mini of the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneta, which to me is just a standard black eyeliner, I wouldn't say its the best as it isn't the easiest to blend, however it's pigmentation is pretty decent. It actually comes out black and not a dusty grey colour, so I tend to use it on my waterline.
A mini of the Blush in Orgasm, which is just as gorgeous as everyone makes it out to be. It's so beautiful and gives a natural healthy looking pink glow to the cheeks.
Finally, a mini of the Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien, and this is legitimately my lip colour. So, sadly, I'm not wearing it as often as my other lip products because it is so similar. However the formula itself is stunning, it's really creamy and has a slight metallic finish to it which I love.

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