Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Inglot Freedom System Palette

One thing I was not expecting to see when I walked into a perfumery on one of the harbors in Lanzarote, was an Inglot counter. I had to double check I was reading the name right. In most of the perfumeries there are only the main big brands like Chanel, Dior, YSL, LancĂ´me and Clinique so I honestly couldn't believe this one stocked Inglot.

I have heard many things about their products from other beauty bloggers, but they always said they purchased theirs from America or London, usually in IMATS, and since I'm not visiting either of those places any time soon, I had just accepted it was going to be quite a while before I could try any of their products.

So naturally when I did see their counter I got very excited, probably too excited, and decided to make my own Freedom System palette.

I chose the five square palette and filled it with two matte shades and three shimmery/pearl shades. I knew I wanted two matte shades so I could use one as an all over wash for if I'm doing a simple eyeliner look, and one as a light crease colour and I think the two I've chosen do that very well. The 337 is more of a peachy nude and the 360 is a normal light brown but it gives a subtle definition to the crease which I like.
Then the other three colours I picked just because I liked them. I didn't own any eye shadows which had more of a purple/pink tone to them so I was aiming towards those shades but I still ended up coming out with a champagne gold colour. It's such a staple shade though because it's wearable during the day and at night and it blends easily with lots of colours, so how could I not?! But I think my favourite is 452 on the far right. I wore it for a meal out whilst I was away and it looked so pretty because the colour wasn't too much but it still looked smokey enough for an evening.

I am already in love with this palette, the colours are very pigmented and blend so easily, which is great for me because I really can't blend eye shadows. I would even say they are quite comparable to M.A.C eye shadows, but Inglot's work out a lot cheaper. I've actually heard that 423 is a dupe for satin taupe which is a colour I've been wanting to get from M.A.C for a while.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Fall Out Boy Concert!

Back in march I went to a Fall Out Boy concert with my friend Izzy and it was absolutely incredible. We had to travel quite a way because the venue was in Newcastle and we live near Leeds, but when it's one of your favourite bands what does distance matter, right? The time flew by anyway so it didn't even feel like two hours which was good.

We took a few quick pictures before the concert!

We arrived just as the doors were opening so we went inside pretty much straight away, of course we immediately found the merch stand. I only got a crew neck jumper, I desperately wanted to buy more but I was a little short on cash. Looking back, this was probably a good thing because I would have bought everything if I had the money with me.

Supporting Fall Out Boy were The Pretty Reckless, who were so amazing live I can't even begin to explain how good they were! And New Politics, however apparently something happened with their van so they couldn't make it. It was a little weird when I heard they should have been supporting because I also saw them in November when they were supporting Panic! At The Disco, so I had a slight deja vu moment!

Then Fall Out Boy came on, I got super excited so didn't take many photos, but here are a few of the ones I took that came out okay.

We were also really pleased with the set list they chose, they did songs from their new album and ones from their old albums including the old classics which are well known by everyone. I still can't get over how good they were, it was such an amazing evening.