Sunday, 25 October 2015

Drugstore Dupes

One of my worst habits by far is getting overly excited at a makeup counter, buying a product spontaneously, then going home to find I own a duplicate but at a fraction of the cost. 
Every. Time.

But whenever I do this I tell myself it's okay because, 
'I can add it to a dupes post to help others from doing the same thing!'

Or the classic, 
'At least I have a backup in case I run out!'

And not forgetting my new, and personal, favourite,
'Now I can use one of these in my makeup kit for my course!' 

One of those tends to do the trick.
For some reason, with the one exception, this only seems to happen with Mac lipsticks. 
Why is this a pattern? What is it about Mac lipsticks?
I really wish I knew, but anyway, here are the duplicates I have accidentally come across.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II / Revlon Charmed Enchantment
These two blushes are identical in colour, just not so much in formula. I've found that Charmed Enchantment has slightly less pigment, however this isn't particularly a bad thing as it does prevent you from going overboard, which is fairly easy to do with Pretty Powerful II. But they both blend nicely and don't leave any staining or patchiness. I do think the Bobbi Brown blush is a tad creamier, although that might just be because my Revlon blush is getting on a bit, so don't hold me to that!

Mac Mystical / Rimmel Kate Moss 19
I'm going to be honest, I did buy Mystical purely for the packaging. I just couldn't resist. I haven't seen packaging quite like that before! And it was limited edition so I felt the pressure, you know the one - you just have to buy the product before it sells out forever. If you did miss out on this though and have been kicking yourself ever since, head down to boots. These two lipsticks are pretty much the same, only someone with an extreme keen eye could notice that 19 has a more peachy undertone whereas Mystical is more purple. But that's the only difference because they're both lovely and creamy with great pigmentation. 

Mac Russian Red / Kate Moss 01
If someone asked me which lipsticks best represented the classic red, I'd say these two every time. If you swatched them, Russian Red would be slightly more blue toned (which does mean your teeth will look that extra bit white!) and 01 more orange toned, but on the lips it's barely noticeable. The formula of these two is dissimilar as the Mac Lipstick is matte and the Rimmel lipstick is more creamy, but that doesn't impact on the pigmentation, which is fab for both.

 Mac Media / Revlon Black Cherry
Ahh yes, I remember this one distinctly. I was fairly irritated that I couldn't buy Mac Rebel (due to my mum at the end of the phone saying I already owned enough lipsticks) so I stomped into boots, picked up the first dark toned 'rebel' lipstick shade I could find, and whipped out my debit card. Take it from me, don't buy anything when you're fueled by mild resentment. These two lipsticks literally look identical. The only thing that distinguishes them from one another is the formula, Black Cherry applies slightly creamier than media, as Media is a satin finish. But once on the lips I couldn't tell you which one was which, they both settle down and feel comfortable and creamy. Even the colour pay off for both is brilliant!

I hope my careless spendings can help you save your cash, and if you've come across any dupes, let me know, it may not seem like it but I'm always up for a bargin!

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