Friday, 13 June 2014

Currently Loving in June

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, it's been pretty hectic with exams and school but after next week I should be back on track with posts because I have my last exam on Wednesday! Yay! 
I have a lot of posts planned for summer (I have been very organised and written them all down in a notebook) and I'm going to try upload on a weekly basis, so I'm super excited. 
Anyway enough with the rambling, on to what I have really been loving recently!

MUA Pressed Powder, Shade 4
I got this powder fairly recently from Superdrug after hearing that the darkest shade, which is the one I got, is a perfect contour colour for slighty fairer skins, and I completely agree with that. It's not muddy or overly bronzey due to its original job being a  powder, so it doesn't have a real orange undertone to it because it's meant to suit the skin. I'd say it's more of a light caramel colour. I think I'm starting to prefer it to my other bronzers which I use for contouring because I find this gives a lovely definition to the face which is natural and subtle, especially since it's matte. Also the massive benefit to this powder is the price, it is literally only one pound which is so amazing for what it is.

Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric, 3
I have had this blush for quite a while but I had totally forgotten about it until I was looking through my drawer trying to find a brighter blush for Summer, and this one is perfect. It gives a bright but natural pink blush to the cheeks, and it can be built up to give a stronger more vibrant colour. I find that it also blends really well and is very lightweight due to it being water based which I like a lot because it's not thick like most creme products. I'm super excited to wear it during the remaining Summer months, I don't plan on wearing a lot of makeup so I think it will be perfect for a fresh, light makeup look.

Above - Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric, 3 
Below - MUA Pressed Powder, Shade 4

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer, Natural 2
As my sleeping pattern is pretty messed up and I do tend to stay up quite late, I'm prone to getting quite bad under eye circles so I really wanted to get an under eye brightening concealer. I chose to give this one from Collection a go, mostly because I'd tried the lasting perfection concealer and loved it, and I was not let down. As soon as I applied this, it instantly brightened up my under eyes and made me look awake. It has a slightly thick and creamy formula which blends well and gives a good coverage, without it looking heavy under the eyes. I have been using it religiously every day since I got it and has saved me from looking so tired and drab on a morning.

MAC 286 Brush
Speaking of concealer, I have enjoyed using this brush to blend it in, even though its real job is for eye shadow, I do love it for concealer. It's a perfect shape and density for blending around the eyes and for getting the odd small spots and blemishes on the face. I also really like that the bristles are duo-fibre because they are incredibly soft so they don't feel scratchy at all, and it makes the brush a whole lot easier to clean.

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