Sunday, 1 September 2013


Sorry for not blogging through August, I've had such a busy month. 
I'll catch you up on some of the things I've been up to.

Near the beginning of August for two weeks me and my parents went to Lanzarote for the first time. I've been to Tenerife before which is one of Lanzarote's neighbouring Islands in the Canary Islands so I kind of expected it to be the same, but it was a lot hotter and windier. I actually had to avoid wearing all my dresses and skirts during the day in the fear that they would fly up every thirty seconds! But the wind was a nice cooler for the hot weather because I think I would have melted if it wasn't there.

For the first few days we mostly relaxed in the apartment and by the pool because we were all so tired, but we decided to rent a car for the second week and explore the Island. I think that was my favourite part of the holiday because it was nice to look the different scenery while driving, Britain can get quite boring to look at because the Landscape is pretty much the same everywhere, however I think the hotter countries tend to have a varying Landscape. I was quite shocked at how small Lanzarote is though because we had managed to drive the full length of it in less than a day.

But anyway here are some pictures from the holiday.

Every morning outside our apartment a small group of parrots would appear and fly to and from all the trees, they were incredibly noisy for such small birds!

During the first week we decided to visit Rancho Texas Park which was a few minutes away from where we were staying.

They had an amazing bird show where they flew all kinds of birds around the main stage area and over where we were all sat. 

When we rented the car we chose to drive around the edge of part of the island and came to a place which looked a lot like a British seaside town.

We also drove to The Green Lake which is exactly what it sounds like, I'm not quite sure what made it green but it was pretty cool, and there was a really small village next to it where we looked out over the sea and ate ice creams.

On the same day we visited another town which was slightly bigger and had a beautiful church in the center.

Ok this is what I was most excited for:

Camel riding!!
They have super big feet but a very calming style of walking. Except the camel behind us wasn't bothered about personal space and kept putting its head next to ours throughout the whole ride. It actually spat on my dads arm and it looked really offended when he tried to stroke it.

After the camel rides we drove up the volcano. 

I thought this was really amazing, they had used a hole in the ground which went straight down to the inside of the volcano and used the heat from the lava at the bottom as a barbecue. They had a restaurant next to here and they literally cooked the meat for the meals over this hole in the ground.
One of the tour guides also directed us to another hole in the ground where he put some dry grass near the top and in a matter of seconds it was on fire, it was insane.

On one of the days we visited Museo Agricola El Patio. It was an old farm used in the early 20th Century which had been made into a museum.

And finally on the last day with the car, we drove up to another animal park called Guinate Tropical Park.
I preferred this park out of the two, but it's a shame because this one wasn't as well advertised as the other when it definitely should have been.

As we were driving back we saw this incredible view where some of the nearby Canary Islands were visible just off the coast. 

Then a couple of days later we had to catch the flight back. 
I didn't think I'd like Lanzarote as much as I did because I thought it would be really touristy but when we drove around into other areas of the island it's a lot more isolated and relaxed, it was really nice to walk around those areas.


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